Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mt. Rushmore

For Memorial weekend we drove up to Mt. Rushmore. It's only about 5.5-6 hours from our place, not too shabby. My cousin Paul, his wife, Mandy, Stan and Lindsay all joined in for the patriotic weekend.
We started the trip by taking a tour of Custer State Park. Don't be deceived by the name, this is not the place of Custer's Last Stand, that is actually located in Montana-about 500 miles away. However, the park did offer a lot of wild life and life not so wild. We met my favorite animal of the trip in Custer Park.

Introducing....Dorito! Why the name? Dorito liked to eat Dorito chips, it was all over his breath, no joke. Have you ever met a donkey that eats doritos??? He was very friendly and I think he was curious if we had any doritos in our car. We were all smiles and giggles until Dorito became a little too friendly and tried to "nibble" Mandy. It wasn't quite the episode of "When Animals Attack," but Mandy's blood-curdling scream let Dorito and us know that it was time to go.

On to the real wild life...

such as buffalo, deer, sheep, antelope and bunny rabbits-of course.

I believe these are called "The Needles," but I'm not sure, Bryan isn't here to correct me. So, for now, "The Needles" were beautiful.

Mt. Rushmore--little bit smaller than we had anticipated, but still very incredible.

The entire gang at the "Badlands" of South Dakota.
Also, a great profile shot of me at roughly 6 months pregnant-wowzers, this boy might be a linebacker. :)

Another shot of the Badlands. Overall, we thought that the Black Hills of South Dakota and the surrounding area that we made it to was very pretty country.
Thanks to the men and women that make it possible for us to enjoy such scenery and our every day freedom.