Monday, May 10, 2010


Lately, we have enjoyed quite a few family and friend visitors that have made it out our way for one reason or another.

Bryan's brother, Scott, was here for work but managed to squeeze in a little time for us! He treated us to a nice dinner and we enjoyed visiting with him. We're looking forward to July when all of his family will be in Colorado for a visit.

For my birthday, my mom was able to fly out. We had a great time shopping, exploring a few of the local sites, cooking and most of all, just chatting.

For my birthday dinner, she made one of my favorite recipes-New England Boiled Dinner. Oh, sooo good.

In late April my good friend from nursing school, Katie, was out for her brother's wedding and we were lucky enough to be right in the middle of all the action! I still give Katie the credit for my completion of nursing school, she kept me sane through all of the insanity at the time.

Katie and her husband David

They have 2 adorable kiddos, this is Michael...

he is doing a breathing treatment-I was obviously a little behind on the dusting in our house. :)

It has been so fun to see everyone, we love having visitors!


Our friends/neighbors just a few doors down the street invited us over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with them. She made a delicious Mexican dinner accompanied by pina coladas, guacamole and tres leches-what a great holiday to celebrate. We brought a pinata for a little entertainment, and entertained were we.

Getting geared up for the festivities-no peeking!

Elizabeth, locating the target. She had an awesome swing-the pinata didn't stand a chance.

Steven (the father) and Charlie. Steven demonstrating, rather well, the intensity of breaking a pinata. Charlie wasn't so sure about all of one was hurt in the taking of this picture. :)

Bryan, the closer.

Home Improvements

Bryan is definitely motivated with getting things done around the house. He is always looking and ready for the next project. Since moving in, Bryan has found quite a few things to turn this house into our home.

Only after a few days after we moved in we visited the local paint store. I tend to think things over quite a bit-compare hues, prices, brands, etc. Bryan is very good at knowing what he wants and moving forward, so after about 5 minutes of paint discussion, "latte" was being spread onto the white walls of our home...

even in those really hard to get places!

I believe that Bryan has installed 4 ceiling fans, 2 of which we kept. I have great ideas of what things "should" look like, and he has a great deal of patience. A perfect match!

I realized that I have only shown Bryan doing the home improvements, and that I should include a picture of my contributions...

Any decent project needs an outstanding supervisor, right? :)


Almost 2 months later, I'm finally getting around to updating about our new home! We seem to be fond of moving in March, it was almost this exact time last year when we moved from Salt Lake City to Broomfield. One year ago we had professional movers, this year we became the professional movers. I think I will stay with my chosen profession of nursing, but Bryan might be changing his career plans after driving this "little" gem below.

Bryan found us the largest size one could rent without having a CDL. Bryan was living large and loving cruising the roads with this moving van.

Thankfully, we received much help from our ward in packing up this monster.

We loved our ward in Broomfield and will definitely miss the people there. A few notes from the ward members. (I LOVE candy cards.)

We did close on March 15th, as planned. YAHOO!

(This was taken about a week before we closed.)

We celebrated our closing briefly with a good "stiff" drink from Sonic and then quickly went to work ripping out the floors and carpet of our new home. I cannot say enough kind things about happy hour from Sonic.

The Demolition and muscles behind it all...

We moved in about 1 week later once the "final touches" to the floors of our home were done. Here are some pictures to show the final product.

We have loved being in our home. We have really enjoyed--for the most part :)--being able to decorate, paint, and make the house feel like our home. It is definitely a work in progress, more pictures to follow of the rest of the home...maybe in another 2 months!