Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Man of the House

Bryan has been quite busy these past few weeks. Work is going well, the young men and scouting is keeping him on his toes, and there are just a few things-as you will see below-that he manages to squeeze into the day.

Light bulbs must be changed, no matter the height of the ceiling. Bryan engineers his own ladder by placing our step-ladder on top of the very sturdy foot rest. How do I help? Well...I decide to snap a picture before Bryan snaps his leg. Good call. For those of you familiar with the "ladder guy," we almost had our next victim.

What is a man to do when his keys and the spare keys are locked inside of his car? Should one call for assistance? Or should one grab his machete (mashedi) that is disturbingly close by? I think we all know what Bryan would do, and of course--he did. :)

What was the outcome? Bryan eventually admitted defeat after a few hours and called the locksmith (which turned out to be completely covered by insurance, hee...hee). The locksmith managed to pop the door open within 20 seconds, but without a machete.
I ask you, who is the real man???

A Glance at February

February came and left so quickly! We managed to squeeze a few fun things into our weekends last month. The beginning of February we made it out to Kansas to visit Bryan's brother, Scott, and his family. They were very gracious hosts. They took us out for some delicious BBQ, showed us the sights of Kansas City, and introduced us to many new and fun games like "Feed Kitty" and "Diggity Dog." We also played "junior" trivial pursuit. Lets just say that I am embarrassed enough when I play the regular trivial pursuit at my lack of common (and not so common) knowledge. I felt my heart beat quicken and my palms become clammy as I nonverbally checked in with Bryan before giving my final answers on the "junior" game. Wowzers. I'll go back to "Diggity Dog." :) We had a great time visiting, relaxing, and eating Nicol's delicious cooking. I managed to forget the camera, so I'll have to borrow from Nicol's blog. Click here if you would like a looksie. Thanks again for such a fun weekend. We hope to see you guys again soon!

Another weekend we went up into Estes Park as well as Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful. We haven't made it up skiing this winter, sigh of sadness. However, we have made it out on our snowshoes quite a bit and have enjoyed the sights at a slightly slower pace. Our friends, Sarah and Eva, joined us for the outdoorsy weekend.

There were some gorgeous views along the hike.

I don't know why people think that Mormons are still practicing polygamy??? ...

Very Odd. Can you read the sign that says, "Nielson Family"? :)