Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Little Things

I realize that Bryan and I have experienced many "moments" over the last year in which we have felt that Colorado is now our home. For some reason, this little thing below, has felt like one of the biggest indicators that we are officially Colorado-ans.

The before...

and the after.

P.S. Also, no more excuses for cutting people off at the last minute on my daily commute. "I'm from out of state, I didn't know that lane merged" isn't going to happen anymore. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome 2010!

We celebrated the coming in of the New Year with some friends. There were good eats, fun games, and spectacular fireworks. We were becoming a little restless waiting for the midnight hour to arrive. We decided to light some of the fireworks that Bryan brought a little earlier than planned. The fireworks were probably legal somewhere south--way south of the Colorado border. We enjoyed the loud bangs, vibrant colors and the excitement of being "outlaws." However, not all of the neighbors felt our same emotions. Some of the elderly neighbors made their way out to shake a fist or two at us, so we decided to ring in the new year by quietly putting the rest of them away and watching the ball drop in New York City. It was crazy.
The following day we went snowshoeing around Brainard Lake. It was beautiful. We think that most people were still in recovery mode from the night before, so we enjoyed the trail to ourselves.

At the start of our trail and all bundled up for the chilly weather.

This isn't actually Brainard Lake. It was "slightly" windy up top, so we just snapped this pic by another lake we passed on the way up, close enough.