Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been a busy few months! We have enjoyed all of the time that we were able to spend with family and friends. What a great time of year to reflect upon the blessings that we enjoy, and then the opportunity to remember Christ's birth as well as His life. I feel that Christ is the reason for so many of my blessings. Again, what a wonderful time of year for reflection. I hope the past few months have been enjoyable for you. The following posts are more light-hearted and the usual day to day, but for whatever reason, it was just a thought I wanted to share...

1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the...

NEW HOUSE! Is that how it goes?? Hopefully, we will have a nursery in the house one day for the baby in the baby carriage, but not currently. :)

That's right, we have bought a home here in Colorado. It is being built in Castle Rock. After much looking around, and then driving down to Castle Rock one day to "check out the scenery" we had signed papers not more than a few weeks later. We are really excited and manage to only wake up every now and then in a complete panic. Here is a pic of the new digs.

Our closing date is March 15th, we're hopeful that it will be done by then. Time will tell...


This year we tried something new for our Christmas tree. We decided to have a mini travel tree in addition to the "real" tree. The real tree didn't happen this year, so we were glad that we at least managed to get a small one up! We started to collect ornaments from various places we have been together. I think after decorating the tree, we realized that maybe we would need to travel a little more and add to our tree. :)

Here it is, in all its glory (and 6 ornaments).

Before going to Idaho for Christmas to visit Bryan's family we decided to have our own Christmas here. When I came home from work, Bryan was slaving away on the grill and had the dinner table set for the gourmet meal he prepared.

I definitely married well.

A few surprises from Santa arrived a little early...

I guess Santa overlooked some things throughout the year. :)

The BIG 3-0!

For Bryan's 30th birthday I made plans to have a surprise 30th birthday bash while we were in Salt Lake City. However, Bryan managed to pull off a surprise of his own, and let me know that he would not be able to make it Salt Lake City due to work. Hmm...that made things a little more tricky. We decided to celebrate his birthday once I came back from Utah.

We caught dinner at 3 (you must say tres and not three) Margaritas. It was just as yummy as the "locals" had promised. We also saw the new movie Avatar, and thoroughly enjoyed looking at each other in the 3-D glasses. There's just something funny about those glasses, maybe it's more the person attempting to "sport" them. Much more likely the case.

However, Bryan tends to think that it makes him even more attractive.
Even at 30, he's still got "it". :)

Trips to Utah

In mid December, our good friends Stan and Lindsay were married in the Salt Lake Temple. We were able to make it back and enjoyed visiting with many other good friends while there. We do miss our friends in Utah. However, we are slowly recruiting to Colorado. After getting married, Lindsay has since moved out to Denver where Stan is living. Yea!
I haven't been the best at taking pictures lately, this is only picture I took while at their wedding...hmm...almost caught the bride and groom.

Our friend Jared with his daughter Johana. She was a little tuckered out from the excitement of all the festivities of the day. She is such a cute, well-behaved gal.

The next weekend I was able to go to the Draper Temple with another couple of good friends, Darcy and Joey. At least at Stan and Lindsay's I managed to snap one picture, no such luck with this go around. It was a tender ceremony, and a good reminder of what is truly important.

During our visits, we were also able to spend some time with my family. I have tried to increase my domestic skills, one new skill per month. :) This month was baking bread. I simply love the bread that my mom makes. So after a one-on-one teaching session from my mom, I came home to Colorado to do a little experimenting, and to hopefully succeed.

One of my favorite parts is the kneading, or beating of the bread dough. Bryan was a little excited with all the commotion and snapped this picture in attempts to capture the brutality that was being given.
(Side note...see the basil plant, the farthest to the right? Actually, it's a little difficult to pick it out since the only thing remaining are two black/brown stems. Sadness, time to let go.)

Here is the final product...ta-dah!

I was pleasantly surprised.

Family Visit

Back in November, Bryan's parents came out for a few days. We were able to spend some time with them as well as Mike, Melissa and their kids. It was fun, but too short! Here are few pictures from their visit. The pictures are actually from Bryan's parents, thanks for letting us use them. :)

We visited the zoo in Colorado Springs, oddly enough, it is named "Cheyenne Mountain Zoo." It is built into the side of the mountain, providing quite the impressive views as you see animals in a well, somewhat more natural setting. It was a great time.

We also stopped for a quick visit to the Garden of the Gods. It was a little chilly by that time in the day, so Bryan and his dad were the only ones to get out of the car. The rest of us enjoyed the view from the windows of our heated cars. We're looking forward to visiting again in a little bit warmer weather.