Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oregon Coast

We spent some time with the Nielson Family on the Oregon Coast. It was my first time on the Oregon Coast, it was gorgeous! So...what do you do with 11 adults, 1 teenager, 2 kids, 3 toddlers and 1 baby?

A popular activity was terrorizing the seagulls, the girls we're pretty fast, but that seagull was just a little bit too quick!

Molly had the perfect anticipation stance---she was ready for any movement that seagull made.

**Building sand castles is great at any age**

What fun is it being with your brothers, if you can't rough house like in the good ol' days? :)

Finally, is a family trip complete without some family pictures??? I was amazed with how well the little kiddos held up. As seen above, I think the brothers were more restless than the kids!

We had a great time with family and seeing different areas of the coast!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Visit From Tom

My brother, Tom, came out last weekend to pay us a visit. We were fully aware that his wanting to visit just happened to coincide with the Braves playing the Rockies, but we were just happy to have someone come visit!
We caught baseball games on Friday and Saturday night. Tom must have been the good luck charm for the Braves, they won both nights. However, the next game, a home-run was hit right where we had been sitting the previous two nights, dang it! The highlight of the two games for me was when the grounds keepers had to roll up a massive tarp that was used to cover the infield due to a rain delay. As they were attempting to roll it up, one poor guy in the corner wasn't able to stand his ground and was quickly pulled onto the grass, where he was dragged about 10 feet! The guy wouldn't let go! It was hilarious...I know, I'm mean...
Besides watching the pros in baseball, and laughing at other peoples' misfortunes, I also watched Bryan and Tom play a few rec. softball games-I'm not sure if I would qualify as a supporter or a heckler, but Bryan is still letting me tag along, for now. :)
Here are some pictures from the weekend spent with Tom...

Does this look like a bad idea to anyone else?

The hike we went on was a popular one and parking was a little sparse, so what do 3 guys in a car come up with??? Their own parking spot. Honestly...

Here's Rick, realizing, "oh-maybe we should put some rocks under the tires..."

I was so excited to have a visitor that I decided to make a pie just for Tom! Besides, I had to make sure that I included Tom in the blog posting that was about him, so he was kind enough to be a good sport about it. I will admit, that I was also a little proud of the pie and was trying to get a picture of it as well. :)

This was our first time to Coors Field. It is a gorgeous baseball park. We had a great time-thanks for getting us out there Tom!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We were lucky enough to enjoy a 3-day weekend of camping up in the mountains to celebrate the holiday. Our first night there our campground neighbors arrived around midnight and proceeded to park their R.V. for the next hour or so by yelling back and forth and revving the engine trying to get it in the exact spot of their liking. I wish I would have taken a picture of the event--if you have seen the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" just picture Cousin Eddie and you won't be far off from the caliber of people or the R.V. they were occupying.
However, we still enjoyed a great weekend of hiking, fishing, biking, etc. with our friends. I love America (even if it means sharing it with the "Cousin Eddies")!

*Sarah * Kevin * Me * Stefanie*

One of the reasons I love camping so much is the food that you eat while you are there! There isn't a specific time frame for meals or snacking which is why we enjoyed smores and hot dogs at any time of day!

Sitting with our friends Katelyn and Sarah at Emerald Lake. The fish were not too impressed with our lures, so we just decided to enjoy the scenery (and watch the kids across the lake reel in fish after fish).

Sarah and I were a few miles into our ride when we decided to pull over and snag this picture. We're still happy here, because we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into--we were about to do some serious climbing up the road!

Bryan and I at the summit of our ride around Turquoise Lake, approximately 10,800 feet. I could barely catch my breath at the top. Bryan, on the other hand, chatted with me the whole way up--I don't think he even broke a sweat, what a man! :)

Sarah was the local camp drug dealer. She insured that after our vigorous ride around the lake that everyone would sleep well with the magic blue pill of Tylenol PM.

We made our way to Maroon Bells near Aspen. I couldn't help but think of "Dumb and Dumber" as we arrived in Aspen, "where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano." I'm actually not too sure about any parts of the above statement, but Aspen was gorgeous and I think this hike is a well-kept secret of Colorado. It was gorgeous! Bryan captured this picture as well as the one below. I believe his dream job would be working for Burton as their photographer. Until then, Comcast continues to be working out!

This family caught Bryan for their family pictures when we were out hiking. I'm not sure if it's the big camera around his neck, friendly personality, the combination---but this seems to be a fairly common occurrence that he is taking pictures for people when we're out and about.

Our little family picture. :)

It was a well-placed bench that we all took advantage of!

It was a popular idea to go to the mountains for the holiday weekend. I think that the majority of the Denver Metro area was headed home at the same time. Our time home was doubled from that of going. However, it was worth it and we had a great weekend!


The month of June has been a wild one as far as weather goes for Colorado! We've actually had 2 tornado warnings at the hospital, which means that the area I work in goes on hold. They also won't let anyone out of the hospital, it was literally my prison. :) Luckily, the warnings haven't lasted more than an hour.
When there isn't a severe storm warning or tornado warning in place it is simply beautiful here in the evenings. Last weekend we invited friends and family over for a barbecue to enjoy some good company, weather, and food.

*Stan & Lindsay*

My good friend Lindsay was here for the weekend visiting,
it was great to see her. Lindsay and I were roommates for
5 years--and we're still friends! :)

Our adorable nephew Cade-I love his blue eyes!
The ladies don't know what's coming!

Our niece Haley approved of Bryan's work on the grill with
the chicken. She has the most infectious smile and laugh!

I thought it would be a lot of fun and "bonding" time to
make homemade ice cream. I didn't think that it qualified
as "homemade" unless we churned the ice cream ourselves. You might be able to guess Bryan's opinion on the matter by the look he's giving me in the picture!

It also gave the men an opportunity to prove their strength!
Mike has the muscles (and tan line) to impress! :)