Sunday, June 7, 2009


It is officially camping season! So..this weekend we found our way to Rocky Mountain National Park. We had a great time going on hikes, fishing, enjoying the scenery, and eating smores around the campfire. We had a few mishaps along the way that created some lasting memories---

Mishap #1)
This is what happens when your face gets a little too close to the fire.

Mishap #2)
This is what happens when you go for the "ultimate" cast and catch your lure on the bag behind you. One, such as Bryan, can actually snap his pole in half and launch the top part of it into the lake. :)

Mishap #3)
Bryan and I both managed to catch a fish, which was actually the same fish! That fish deserves to be fried up, but we decided to give him a third chance... As you can tell in the pictures below, one of us is much more comfortable around the fish, I don't think I could manage to get my arm any more extended.

The rest are some pictures of the beautiful scenery that we saw while we were there.

On top of Trail Ridge Road, about 12,500 feet with wind gusts around 50mph that day. Bryan and I are still trying to recreate the hairdos as seen below.

Alberta Falls

Emerald Lake

Looking dreamy and still in love at Dream Lake :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


For Memorial Weekend we invited ourselves out to see Dan, Stacie, Mikelle, Logan, Sydney and Ethan in Virginia! We had a great time going to the movies, playing in their basement, attending a Memorial Concert on the lawn of the Capitol Building, eating yummy food, swimming, shopping, etc! We only wish that we were closer, it felt that time went by too quickly. Here are a few pictures of some of the good times we had that weekend.

Mikelle and Syd with the Potomac's Great Falls
in the background.

Waiting in line for the diving board at the local
swimming pool. (Bryan and 15 other kids-he
had the best cannon ball)

A few clips from the pool...

"The perfect pike position" as Dan referred to it

Logan showing Bryan how it's done on-or rather, off- the diving board

Heading into the Memorial Concert, parking in
downtown D.C. was a treat-I was glad to be a

Syd has an amazing 6th sense...she knows at
any time and place the moment a piece of taffy
is being unwrapped. She caught me trying to
sneak a piece of taffy-how can you say no to
this face???

Well, Bryan and I couldn' after about 10
pieces of taffy in 2 minutes, she was feeling
pretty good!

The Rockies

We have finally had decent weather on the weekends to allow us to get up into the mountains and do some exploring! We live about 30 minutes away from the Rockies, which is "close" in Colorado. I guess we were a little spoiled living in Salt Lake City with how close we lived to the mountains there. They have over 50 "14-ers," meaning peaks over 14,000 feet. Bryan is planning on hiking one of the 14-ers in August with some friends from the ward. This will be one of those trips that I will look forward to seeing his pictures, but will not plan on being there to take the pictures. :)

Royal Arch hike just outside of Boulder

Sunday afternoon drive along the peak to peak highway