Sunday, April 12, 2009


For Easter we ended up doing the traditional things-dying some eggs, decorating our Easter baskets, and eating lots and lots of candy. We went to an Easter pot-luck dinner tonight with a nurse I met at the hospital-we had fun watching the kids at the dinner find Easter eggs, which were filled with some really good candy. I was tempted to elbow one of the kids out of the way for those treats... :)

Bryan created his Hunter's orange Easter egg with
the outline of his target for next fall

The finished products-we tried placing stickers 
on the eggs, dying them, and then peeling the stickers off.
I was quite pleased with my non-crafty self! :)

We made these "baskets" out of brown paper sacks when
I was little, so I decided to bring it back. Here is my
non-craftiness in all its glory.  

You can catch another glimpse at our deranged Easter
baskets on the left side of the table. 

So, this was actually the previous weekend that Jess
was able to come out and play. We had a great time shopping,
talking, playing games on each other's phones... 
I really enjoyed having her come. The best part was just 
having time to chat and laugh with each other.