Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Has Sprung OR Has It?!?

Just last night Bryan had these beautiful Spring flowers 
waiting for me when I came home from work. I loved it!

Today, this is what I enjoyed on my way home from work....

Don't worry, I was stopped when I took this picture with my phone.
Hopefully, this will be the last big storm this year!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Catchin' up with the Kotters

Before we left, we spent some time up in Brigham City with my family. It was great to see everyone before we took off, as well as have some good laughs. After being analyzed on the Wii fit, Bryan and I realized it is time to be a little-or a lot more active. Here are some pictures, as well as some entertaining clips of last weekend.

Cute Matthew

Spring Baseball

Madi, always the photogenic one

Even my dad got into the guitar scene

Out with the old, in with the new!

We are officially in Colorado! The movers unloaded our boxes on Tuesday. It really didn't take too long, since we don't have all that much right now! (Bryan was still amazed with how many boxes my shoes filled). It has been a smooth transition so far. Bryan's brother, Mike and his family live about 15-20 minutes away and have been so nice to help us.
I will start work on Tuesday at the hospital. I am looking forward to the change, but the commute is another story. :) Bryan is still waiting to hear back about the contract. In the mean time, he will be locating local colleges and institutes to try and find some salesmen.
We're excited to be here and to experience a new adventure...


The towers of boxes awaiting their new home

Our new home (on garbage day) :)

Curb-side service from the moving company

They wrapped e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g...


Our other place was too small for both of us to be in the kitchen
at the same time, so last night Bryan and I made
dinner together -it was a fun night.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last week we went on a trip to Guatemala with Bryan's parents, Rick-his brother, some friends-Dave, Lindsay and Stan. We had a great time. We were able to see a lot of the country as well as some of the areas where Bryan served his mission. My favorite quote of the trip was from Bryan---we pulled into a place that resembled more of a farm than a hotel's boat dock that would be taking us to our ocean-front, beach bungalow. He simply stated "They made it look really good on the Internet." It was actually pretty nice once we arrived to the actual bungalow. Sometimes the best things are a little hidden, I guess!
Everything was pretty smooth sailing except for a few "minor" incidents such as Bryan's dad's camera being stolen and being held at gun point a block away from the hotel! :) Memories were definitely made!
We really did have a good trip, but are grateful to be home (or at least on the move to a new home)...

Arch in Antigua with the volcano in background
Steve, Bryan's dad thought this was his favorite stop-
even with his camera being stolen here.

Beautiful Cathedral in Antigua

The Crew

Overlooking Antigua

I was glad we were on our way out of town when we saw this!

The farm/hotel that we found after the descriptive
instructions we received, "after our third speed bump,
tan shed, 5th cow, etc"

Our trusty captain with Dave...they took us
down this canal to where it met the ocean and
a little island - where we found our bungalows.

It actually turned out to be quite nice!
I loved the hammocks!

Bryan captured the sunset from our porch

Dave * Bryan * Rick
Lake Atitlan behind them. This lake is rumored
to be the Waters of Mormon. There are villages
around the lake with the names of the 12 apostles
to help support the theory.

They are able to carry much more by simply, literally using their heads

Bryan's apartment while on his mission

This guy just made me laugh with his aggresive posture...

Couples only picture at Tikal :)

Tikal-Mayan Ruins

Flying monkeys!!!

At Tikal they let you climb up most of the ruins
where you have an amazing view over the jungle

Is the view worth it??? ( I would vote, yes)

On our way back after the canopy tour. At this point
in the trip, the guys with guns were friendly.