Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celine Dion Concert

Last year when Bryan and I were dating I bought him Celine Dion concert tickets-not as a joke-but as a true, loving gift. Bryan absolutely loves Celine Dion and is comfortable enough with his manhood to admit it. She finally made it to town a few nights ago. The demographics for the concert were women in their mid-40s, and Bryan. The night would have been complete for me if I could have found him a bright pink t-shirt confessing his love for Celine. She did put on a great concert-she has some pretty mean dance moves. Here's a little clip of the concert from a bird's eye view, or where we were sitting...

Rock Band

Bryan and I were introduced to the world of Rock Band a couple of weeks ago and we loved it! Ben and Mindi's family invited us up for dinner with entertainment of Rock Band following. One of the highlights was Peyton-2 yr old nephew-singing Bon Jovi's "I'm a cowboy, dead or alive." He had most of the words down!

Peyt taking lead vocals   

         Local Rock Star posing for pics 
             after the show

Chandler taking it away on the guitar

Mindi and me "jammin"...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who is the real Dupree?

*Similar Shirts...
*Similar love for bikes...
* Similar living arrangements (at one point)...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Our first Christmas was quite memorable for several reasons. The first lasting memory is that of being snowed in at my parents house, forcing me to call in sick for work the next day-rough :). The second is that Bryan bought me a gun! I have referred to it as my "shotgun," but have quickly been corrected that it is a rifle, maybe a slight learning curve ahead for me.

The "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree

Stocking goods for Bryan

My "shotgun" a.k.a. 22 rifle

Beating the Winter Time Blues

Outside of skiing/snowboarding (yes, Bryan and I have bridged the two worlds) we have found a few other "fun" things to do this winter.

Some good ol' fashioned family fun on the local sledding hill
Madi * Mindi * Chandler

The sled has officially reached its capacity :)

Ice fishing up in Wyoming. My love of fishing has limits...something about 40 mph wind and sitting around waiting for my pole to move has not converted me to ice fishing, yet-Bryan still has hopes. :)

Bryan was the successful fisherman of the day. He was the only one to catch fish out of 7 of us!