Friday, January 30, 2009

Catching Up

After Bryan and I were married in October we had a wonderful honeymoon in Maui. Almost two weeks after our honeymoon we went on a humanitarian trip with the Church to Bihar, India. What a contrast the two trips were! Maui was beautiful, romantic and relaxing. Bihar was quite dirty, impoverished and required a lot of hard work. However, India was an incredible opportunity that both us felt very lucky to participate with and see what incredible things the church is doing. Here are some pics from our journeyings...


Black Sand Beach

Some cool peak in Maui

Romantic sunsets...

One confident more reason I fell in love all over again


Teaching newborn resuscitation

All the kits Bryan assembled
that the church donated

Bryan's outfit for the next 4 days, awaiting the arrival of his lost bag

The Ganges, the most holy (and dirty)
river for many of the Hindu religion

Cows are also considered holy, my opinion,
they take advantage of it.

The Taj

Bryan finding his Indian roots

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Beginning!

This is an attempt to enter the blogging world. I do feel a little technologically impaired, as this has taken more than a few hours to set up, however, it is a start. Hopefully, pictures will follow shortly...