Monday, November 20, 2017

Solo Stove

We've enjoyed lots of fires in the backyard this Fall. Bryan purchased a Solo Stove and it really is quite fabulous.

Fall Randoms

I think this captures their personalities fairly well, other than we need a pair of horns for Myles at the current time. :) Love that little devil...all three of them.

Spider Monkey

The Salleys invited us to join them and the Marzos at Spider Monkey over Thanksgiving Break. Unfortunately, Emma was sick the night before and wasn't able to join us. I promised her she would have a turn another day. Rachel and I decided to pay and played along with the kids. I was feeling young and fun until I became a little over confident with one of my jumps. Let's just say I felt and heard my back snap, crackle and pop as I took on the form of a scorpion with my landing. I'm not as young as I once was! Luckily, I could still walk. :) Fun morning with my boys.


These two were pretty determined to sell some of their golf balls. Charlie and Edison also joined in on their business venture. A few neighbors took pity on the kids and purchased several golf balls. My "favorite"  was when Luke told me they made $2 off a neighbor by selling him the expensive cups of water. They made a sign that said, "Free Water" next to the golf ball pricing I asked Luke if he knew what false advertising was? :) Luckily, Bryan delivered several extra golf balls to help balance the scale.

Caramel Apples

We made our annual caramel apples. The kids love this tradition. What's not to love about homemade caramel and candy??? This year I learned I cannot double dip the apples in the caramel-it didn't stick! This is one of the rare times I miss California. "Apple Hill" had orchard after orchard of apples and fun activities to go along with them. Again, one of the few things I miss from that time. :)

Oh Baby!

I hosted a baby shower for my cute friend, Kaesy. She is expecting her third child and keeps the gender a surprise until delivery day. The theme was, "Oh Baby." We made baby blocks and several friends helped by bringing brunch-type food. Hello carbs. Delish. :) Fun morning with this group of ladies. 


We carved our pumpkins for FHE on Halloween Eve. We had a mummy, bat girl and a fire fighter after a distressed costume change. Myles was not convinced he needed a costume this year. Once I forced him into his costume and quickly distracted him with the reality that he was getting candy at every door in this costume, he was much more compliant.
We joined the Cramers and Luke had a buddy from school, Andrew, that also met up with us for trick-or-treating. It was a chilly night. I took Myles back after a few streets and one really good fright-he was convinced one of neighbors who was dressed up as a Zombie was going to eat him. Luke wasn't out much longer than Myles before calling it quits. He had a lot of fun passing out the candy with me. Emma lasted the longest this year. Afterwards, there was candy sorting and taxation from Mom and Dad.

I don't know how I managed to blur this photo and cut off Bryan's head...yikes!