Tuesday, April 24, 2018


We followed Elizabeth's lead and caught a train for Salzburg. We visited lots more and took in the sights of the countryside. Upon arriving in Salzburg, we checked into our hotel, shopped for souvenirs, grabbed a quick bite for lunch and made our way to our official first stop of the day, our apple strudel cooking class! The class was a hole in the wall--literally in a cave--and added to the overall experience. We all shared some pretty good laughs during our cooking class and agreed this was one of the highlights.



 We burned some of our taste buds off as we hurried to make it to Mozart's Birth home/museum. How could I go to Salzburg and not see this?!? It was interesting and mind boggling trying to wrap my brain around how one person was capable of composing such incredible music from a ridiculously early age!

After the museum, we went to a concert featuring several of Mozart's sonatas played by a violinist and someone on the harpsichord (a harpsichordist?). My piano teacher, Mrs. Thornock, would have been proud of me when I didn't applaud between movements. :) I would have loved to hear a pianist,  but due to our schedule and safety, we stuck with this one. I am so glad! It was beautiful. When in Salzburg, live Mozart music is a must.


We bought a Bayern ticket that allowed us to travel on the trains for a much better price. I would say we did a self-guided tour to Neuschwanstein Castle, but that would be a lie. Elizabeth was our guide and Kelly and I followed her like little kids. It was amazing and I'm so grateful for her on this trip! It was a great way to see more of the quaint and beautiful countryside while enjoying uninterrupted conversations about anything and everything.

Paying for toilets in Europe--we at least beat the system one time. We fit all three of us in one bathroom on 1 Euro. Boom. We are that close of friends! The best part was watching other tourists' faces when we exited the bathroom. :)

Fussen is the town where the castle is located. I would love to explore this town more another time.

For dinner, we stopped for a "Doner." Well, it wreaked havoc on my GI system. Even looking at this picture makes me a little queasy. Luckily, I recovered fairly quick and was able to do the hike that gives you the most incredible view of the castle. The hike was an adventure and right up my alley! 

The bridge was closed, so hopped the barricade and scrambled up the hill for our view. Worth it.

We chose to catch a later train to do some shopping and dining in Fussen. However, EVERYTHING shut down at 5:00! Whoops! We still found a restaurant that was yummy, but raced the clock for any shopping. The night time was a little more unnerving due to no one was on the streets and we looked extremely touristy (camera bags, souvenirs)--we were sitting ducks at the train station. We waited in a hotel lobby until it was closer for our train to depart. We boarded our train and not one light came on inside the train-I was just waiting for the chainsaw noise to start up! Once we were a few minutes from departure, the lights kicked on and it was smooth sailing until we switched trains. On our new train, a guy ended up getting kicked off after some unsettling conversation with our car. It took all of us awhile to unwind once we were back to the hotel and we double checked our times/safety on public transport for the rest of the trip and we were great. Still, a great day! :)


We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel then walked to the main square, the Marienplatz and watched the Glockenspiel. When the clock chimes, figures start a circular rotation depicting a scene from a wedding. After we watched the clock, we started our Audio Walking Tour by Rick Steven. We downloaded the pod cast and enjoyed seeing the sights of Munich on foot for free. We got off course a time or two, but eventually figured it out. I was helpless with navigation unless my GPS was working. Sense of direction is not one of my strong suits. I am honestly going off of Elizabeth's blog for the names of all the sights we visited and the majority of the pictures. She's seriously incredible with researching and remembering our trip. Kelly and I kept telling her she should start up a side gig of being a travel agent!






Kelly and I tried to improve on our selfie game, but Elizabeth is still queen of taking selfies.



I saw a museum of hunting and fishing and thought, "What would Bryan do?" This picture was in honor of him.

We thought our next stop was St. Peter's Church, but it was actually the Holy Ghost Church. We were way off! None of the descriptions when we were inside were matching up, ha! We were also approached by a couple of homeless people. Makes a little more sense in hindsight. We found the correct church at the end of our day, pretty funny.



Viktualienmarkt: This was a lot of fun to walk through and see all of the produce, flowers, meat and cheese. I can only imagine this area in peak tourist season!





We stopped at this cafe to enjoy a pastry. I guess when it is their busy time with tourists, the line can take over an hour! We enjoyed our treat within just a few minutes. 


I also enjoyed this fruit tart and the thickest hot chocolate! It really did seem like they melted a chocolate bar and maybe added a little cream. Delicious.

Our next stop was the Asam (Awesome) Church. The part that I liked the most here was the flat ceiling that was painted to give the illusion of a dome.





We stopped into another church or two (they all started to look similar to me, ha!) and then made our way to the iconic twin dome cathedral, Frauenkirche.


This is what it looked like after the War.



Up next was a "fancy grocery store" is how I would phrase it, Dallmayr Delicatessen. So many fun things to see in here. I picked up a few souvenirs for friends back home that were helping with kids.





The Hofbrauhous was stop 8/11 for the day. One of the most famous beer halls-a natural pitstop for three mormons. It felt like stepping back in time when we went to the top floor where there was an afternoon dance being held.






For a late lunch, we grabbed a cheese covered pretzel. Yum.

Our second to last stop was going to the top of the Glockenspiel tower for a view of the city.






We went back to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner that night. The music was spot on "Oompa" style-just like you would imagine in a beer hall. The food left something to be desired; it's like that place is known for its beer, but we wouldn't know! Cheers to our water-drinking table!






Man! We saw so much in one day! We were a little tuckered out that night.