Thursday, June 21, 2018

Let's Do This, Summer!

We jumped right into Summer with going to the neighborhood swimming pools. Emma passed the required swim test to go down the big green slide at the Grange's swimming pool. She was pumped. I love in the video when she gives not one, but two thumbs up at the end. We did some private swim lessons recently that also seemed to help her and make me feel better about her in the pool.

We tried out a new-to-us park, Rhyolite out in Crystal Valley. Luke loved the mountain bike trails and jumps. Emma quickly became frustrated with how hot it was. We quickly cooled her down and accompanied that break with food. After our cooling and refueling station, we were all happy again. :)

Her wristband proving she passed her swim test and has a green light to go on the slide! Woohoo!

Myles pretending he is an American Ninja Warrior and hitting the buzzer at the top.

Luke cruising the dirt trails.

The below video just cracks me up. I thought it was so funny how Myles would run the trail while Luke biked it--anything in attempts to "keep up." Not even 10 seconds into my recording, he turfed it, poor kid. :)

Last Day!

I can't believe that another school year is done! Emma will be full-day next year! :( I'm proud of how each of these kids grew this year in different ways. There are always challenges and circumstances that come up that are--and will always be--out of my control (and sometimes I have to remind myself to keep the mama bear hibernating). Luke had another wonderful teacher, Mrs. Sims. She simply "got" Luke and I loved watching his sense of humor develop more this year. He told me that the best part of first grade was "Mrs. Sims." Emma also really liked her teacher and that is the opinion that counts. So crazy to think in a few months Bryan and I will have a 2nd and 1st grader...and Mr. Myles will be starting preschool! This will be the first time in 8 years that I will have a few hours at home without at least one kid being with me. Such a foreign thought! I think the first time or two might be filled with some sad tears, but doing errands in half the time might help ease my sadness. :)

Myles has quite enjoyed a little more one-on-one time with he and I this last year.

Emma's Reader's Theater

Emmas kindergarten class had a reader's theater the last week of school (yes, lets cram one more thing into the end of the year). However, time in Emma's classroom was pretty much non-existent this last year, This was an opportunity that I didn't want to miss. I gave Myles more credit than he deserved and thought he would like going to Emma's classroom and listening to the stories-ha! I was WAY off. Luckily, my friend helped me out with Myles so I could still hear Emma deliver her part in "Jane and the Beanstalk." She did a great job with her reading parts as "Jane."

Mother's Day

It was a great day. I feel so blessed for the example of my mom and the good that she constantly shares with others.  I have also been blessed by other incredible women and their influences as I grew up and then became a mother myself. I love being a mom. Some days are hard and I just wish that I could be a little more patient, understanding or a better listener. There are also fabulous days that are filled with lots of memories that I will hold close forever. As I have traveled more this last year for work and been away more from home, it has brought a different perspective to being a mom. While I'm constantly striving for balance and sanity through work, church, marriage and family, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a mom. I love coming home to my family, every time.

Bryan knows the key to most of my happiness involves sleep and food. On Mother's Day,  I slept in and had the most delicious breakfast delivered to me in bed. I enjoyed reading the kids' papers that they filled out about me and the accompanying artwork as I dined on my fancy breakfast. The talks in church that day I found to be uplifting and very honoring of women in our lives. The men in the ward then pulled off a dessert bar social for all of the women in the ward-it was very appreciated!

To top the day off, Bryan made dinner and then gifted me massage for the following night. It was a wonderful day. So grateful to be a mom.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Grandma and Grandpa Nielson

Bryan's parents were able to come out for a visit at the beginning of May and we loved having them come! Steve was the all star for carpool pick-up and enjoyed walking the kids to and from school. We played lots of games, spoiled the kids with eating out a few times, they even attended a soccer game and Landshark's meet of Luke's. Thanks for the visit and rolling with our usual chaos! We love you!

Grandma and Grandpa delivered donuts from one of our favorite donut shops!

Emma's Spring Dance Recital

Emma loved her dance class this year. She had a wonderful teacher and lots of cute friends in the class. She looks forward to this day for several reasons, but at the top of her list is the fact that she gets to wear my make-up. It was fun to see her on stage and taking charge, ha! We love our Emma and all of the joy she adds to our lives and family.

I'm the one to blame for the blurry pic, darn it! Emma loves her dad and I'm fairly confident has him wrapped around her little finger.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Luke's Spring Sports

Luke played soccer and tried out the running club at school, Land Sharks, this Spring.

He continues to crack me up with his "rocket leg" in soccer. He excelled when he played goalie in one of his games, managed to score a goal from mid-field and improved as a team player.

He was only able to truly race at one out of three of his meets due to feeling sick and the other being on a Sunday. We ate at Freddy's before his meet (I know, poor judgement on my end), but I justified it because Luke told me he was running the shorter distances. Well, at the meet, he decided to go for the mile. I was shocked and feeling so guilty about our choice of dinner! He ran it in a little over 8 minutes. He told me, "Yeah, I felt pretty good. I only gagged once!" Oh Luke, sorry bud. Mom fail for sure on that one.

I failed to take a pic of these teammates on the field, but they did have some pretty good laughs in our carpool to and from practices.

Emma and Myles supporting on the side lines.