Thursday, February 15, 2018

Myles Turns THREE!

I cannot believe that Mister Myles is a 3-year-old! He adds so much spunk, frustration, laughter, sound effects, laundry and love to our everyday life. We love having him in our family.

To celebrate, Myles didn't want any friends over for a party (Luke even tried some pretty good angles with him and he refused) and I didn't push it too hard. I will have to make it up to the third child at some point in his life. Myles picked a family party at Chuck E. Cheese over swimming at the REC center. We went on Myles' birthday eve and pretty much had the place to ourselves. We found it so funny when one of Bryan's co-worker/friend walked in with his kids. This was our first time taking the kids. They visited Chuck E. Cheese other times with friends and birthday parties, but Bryan and I had a good laugh over what $50 can get you in prizes. The worker was even being very generous and let the kids pick a prize way over the amount of tickets they gave him. Maybe the worker wanted to be able to sleep at night. :)

The next morning, Myles started his birthday celebrations just a little after 5:00 AM. This kid! He was a little on edge most of the day, due to lack of sleep, but we managed to continue on with the partying at home. We did cake and presents that night. Luke "assisted" Myles with his new Lego set and the other presents were a hit, too. We love this kiddo.

Doesn't he look like he's having the time of his life?

Luke getting creative with Legos for Myles' bday. Luke also found one of his stuffed animals and gave it to Myles, correction "To: 3-year-old Myles."

Not sure why it's 2018 and I'm still posting a video that's sideways. Myles loves it so much, that I'm just going to leave this as is.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lucky Lizzy

Lizzy is one lucky lizard and is still alive. The kids still love to take her out and play with her. Don't mind me, I'll just be in the corner ready with a gallon of hand sanitizer for when they place her back in the cage.

100th day of school

For the 100th day of school, Emma wanted to make a shirt with 100 items. A quick trip to the store and a little craft time and we were in business. Luke opted to dress as a 100-year-old. He wore the exact same thing as last year and we used dry shampoo to give him his hair color for the day.

Luke came home with this...pretty funny!

The Cramer Crew

We swapped with the Cramers to watch kids for a quick skiing overnight trip. Cramers were up first and we watched their kids over the weekend. The kids played well and Miss Samantha was such a good baby. Emma loved playing big sister to Samantha. Our kids were sad when their friends had to go home...all the way to NEXT door. :)

Always fun to teach your friend's kid to climb stairs while they're gone. You're welcome!! :)

Ice Castles

When we first pulled up, I have to admit that I thought we had been tricked. I was not overwhelmed with the grandeur of them. However, once we were in the Ice Castles, it was incredible and the kids were loving it. There were various slides and tunnels that it made it a little dizzying and anxiety-inducing trying to keep track of all three kids. The tunnels and entrances to slides rarely had the exit next to where they went in. It was fun to be there while there was enough light to not completely lose our children and then as it darkened to see the colors in the castle become more prominent. Bryan was a good sport to hobble along and help while trying to not injure his leg worse.
As we walked back to the car, all three kids said they wanted to come back. Luke chimed in, "Only next time I will bring my girlfriend!" Say whaaaaat??? Too funny. We topped the night off with hot chocolate and donuts for dinner.